Watusi essay

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Watusi essay

River cruising is a thinking man's cruise. It is good to have you here and we'd like to begin by making a few promises to you: We will never talk down to you or insult your intelligence. This is a site for adults who do not need advertising hype, phony "user reviews" or PR double-speak.

This is the only river cruise review site that does not accept paid advertising from the companies we are reviewing. We do not accept promotional fees from any river boat company.

You will never see an ad of any kind on riverboatratings. Unknown "users" will never be quoted. The bulk of our material is sourced from leading industry reports and from the most respected travel journalists.

Actually, we're not sure you should "trust" anyone you meet on the internet. We urge you to check our background and credentials.

Watusi essay

Make certain you feel comfortable entrusting some of the best moments of your life to our consultants. Here are a few things about us we hope will be of interest: Ours is the only firm in the nation to achieve this recognition, regarded as the equivalent of a restaurant receiving three Michelin stars.

He writes a regular column on industry affairs. Collectively, our firm has won more "World's Best" accolades than any other travel firm in the United States.

Members of our staff have lived in Europe, traveled her waterways, and worked for Europe's leading cruise lines and small ship operators.

We are celebrating our 30th year in business. In and, again inwe were named the Top Producing Consultants in the entire worldwide Virtuoso Group. Look around our site. Do you notice anything unusual?

We do not accept advertising or payment from any river boat company reviewed on our site. We are a not-for-profit, ad-free, consumer-oriented site and we will never try to sell you or hype you. Every river boat product is different.

They are not all excellent. We assume that visitors to our site are intelligent consumers and that you will know what to do if you are in agreement with our approach, find our knowledge of river boating of value, and wish to work with us on a zero-cost basis.

We charge no fees of any kind in conjunction with the booking of river cruises. If you book with a river cruise company directly, you will still be charged our fee, as it is built into every fare. That is particularly true on the Rhine, which is so low that historical relics and a World War II bomb have been found along its dried-up riverbed.

While high and low water levels are cyclical, causing river ships at times to reroute or to temporarily bus passengers to different ships or hotels to complete their itineraries, it is almost unheard of for such low levels to carry into October and November. Earlier in the season, the Danube and the Elbe were most affected, and there are still scattered issues on those rivers.

But last month, the Rhine hit a record low, forcing river lines to abandon their popular Basel-to-Amsterdam sailings when the port of Cologne, Germany, was shuttered. Photos reveal that the river, which is a key commercial shipping route, looks more like the southwestern U.

In some places, the water is so low that you can practically walk across, according to river cruise employees on recent sailings.Children’s Examination Essays Essay Responses by Students in Children’s Program Continue reading →.

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Watusi essay

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