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Because library space is finite, they also removed certain traditional character books to make room for the simplified character books. Cheng said that this was brainwashing of the next generation. Cheng called on citizens to spontaneously remove the simplified character books.

Sun life financial entering china case

Authored by Michael Klare via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The pundits and politicians generally take it for granted that President Trump lacks a Sun life financial entering china case foreign policy.

They believe that he acts solely out of spite, caprice, and political opportunism -- lashing out at U. There is a complete unpredictability in this. In fact, an examination of his campaign speeches and his actions since entering the Oval Office -- including his appearance with Putin -- reflect his adherence to a core strategic concept: Such a tripolar order -- in which Russia, China, and the U.

During those heady years, the United States was the dominant world power and lorded it over most of the rest of the planet with the aid of its loyal NATO allies. Restoring close relations with Russia while building a common front against U. These will form the basis for a new world order.

It went on to espouse other key precepts that would now be considered Trumpian, including unqualified respect for state sovereignty, non-interference in the domestic affairs of other states code for no discussion of their human rights abusesand the pursuit of mutual economic advantage.

Yeltsin would resign as president in Decemberwhile Jiang would complete his term in March Their successors, Vladimir Putin and Hu Jintao, would, however, continue to build on that foundational document, issuing their own blueprint for a tripolar world in World affairs should be decided through dialogue and consultation on a multilateral and collective basis.

Sun life financial entering china case

In those years, Putin was particularly vocal in calling for the dissolution of NATO and its replacement by a European-wide security system that would, of course, include his country. Donald Trump Climbs on Board There is no way to know whether Donald Trump was ever aware -- no matter how indirectly -- of such Sino-Russian goals or planning, but there can be no question that, in his own fashion and for his own reasons, he has absorbed their fundamental principles.

As his recent assaults on NATO and his embrace of the Russian president suggest, he is visibly seeking to create the very tripolar world once envisioned by Boris Yeltsin and Jiang Zemin and zealously promoted by Vladimir Putin ever since he assumed office.

The proof that Trump sought such an international system can be found in his campaign speeches and interviews. They were rivals or competitors with whose leaders he could communicate and, when advantageous, cooperate.

On the other hand, he denounced NATO as a drain on America's prosperity and its ability to maneuver successfully in the world.

From that speech and other campaign statements, you can get a pretty good idea of his mindset. Playing the role of global enforcer for allies, he argued, had impoverished the United States and must be ended. He speaks often by telephone with President Xi Jinping and insists that they enjoy an amicable relationship.

Sun life financial entering china case

This was stunningly evident at the recent Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki, where he repeatedly spoke of his desire to cooperate with Moscow in solving global problems. And despite the furor his warm embrace of Putin triggered in Washington, Trump doubled down on his strategic concept by inviting the Russian leader to the White House for another round of one-on-one talks this fall.

The big question in all this, of course, is: Why would an American president seek to demolish a global order in which the United States was the dominant player and enjoyed the support of so many loyal and wealthy allies? Why would he want to replace it with one in which it would be but one of three regional heavyweights?

Undoubtedly, historians will debate this question for decades. In the Trumpian mindset, this country had become weak and overextended because of its uncritical adherence to the governing precepts of the liberal international order, which called for the U. Such an assessment, whether accurate or not, certainly jibes well with the narrative of victimization that so transfixed his core constituency in rustbelt areas of Middle America.

It also suggests that an inherited burden could now be discarded, allowing for the emergence of a less-encumbered, stronger America -- much as a stronger Russia has emerged in this century from the wreckage of the Soviet Union and a stronger China from the wreckage of Maoism. This reinvigorated country would still, of course, have to compete with those other two powers, but from a far stronger position, being able to devote all its resources to economic growth and self-protection without the obligation of defending half of the rest of the world.

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We were a rich country with a very strong military and tremendous capability in so many ways. An America that successfully competes is the best way to prevent conflict.

It envisions a world of constant military and economic contention among three regional power centers, generating crises of various sorts, but not outright war.

It assumes that the leaders of those three centers will cooperate on matters affecting them all, such as terrorism, and negotiate as necessary to prevent minor skirmishes from erupting into major battles.

If Russia, China, and the United States were of approximately equal strength, it might indeed theoretically prevent one party from launching a full-scale conflict with another, lest the aggrieved country join the third power, overwhelming the aggressor.Sun Life Financial: Entering China case analysis, Sun Life Financial: Entering China case study solution, Sun Life Financial: Entering China xls file, Sun Life Financial: Entering China excel file, Subjects Covered Analysis Business & government relations International business Joint ventures Market entry Pension plans Risk by Paul W.

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