Semester 1 study guide

Recall a definition of chemistry Recall the three states of matter and their general properties Recall the processes for converting between the three different states of matter Know the difference between physical properties and chemical properties Understand and recall definitions for physical and chemical change Know the difference between intensive and extensive properties know the difference between quantitative e.

Semester 1 study guide

What were the three types of American colonies? How did they differ from each other? Why did they differ from each other? How and why did the British try to gain greater political and economic control over the people?

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How did the American people react? Why did the American colonists break away from Britain? Explain how economics, religion, government, or any other feature caused the Americans to fight a war for independence. Why were the Articles of Confederation considered a total failure? Explain using at least two concrete examples and why your examples were such a problem.

Remember, there are two, you must state both 6.

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Classify the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists and explain why they disagreed with each other about the U. What is the purpose of the United States Bill of Rights?

Why was it amended to the Constitution? Describe at least two different rights it guarantees the American people. What were major differences that emerged between the North and the South in the s? How did these issues lead to sectionalism? What were some of the primary points of conflict leading up to the Civil War?

How was the Civil War a result of continued expansion and sectional issues? What were the various Reconstruction policies set up by Johnson, Lincoln, and the Radical Republicans?

What were some of the positives of Reconstruction? How did these compare to the negative elements of Reconstruction? How were Native Americans displaced throughout the s?US History Semester 1 Study Guide 1.

Enlightenment 2.

Semester 1 study guide

Revolution 3. Puritan 4. Quaker 5. Stamp act 6.

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Tea act 7. French and Indian War 8. Slavery 9. Declaration of Independence Boston Semester 1 exam study guide answers enmanuel 1.

Study Guide and Reinforcement Answer Key 2. To the Teacher Study Guide and Reinforcement booklet provides an additional resource for reviewing the concepts of the chapter.

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