Netw202 w2 lab report perry

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Netw202 w2 lab report perry

Only questions posted as Public are visible on our website. The Netw202 w2 lab report perry at room temperature and the increased temperature were found to be 1. The weight percent at room temperature and the increased temperature were found to be The literature values of the solubility of Na2SO3 were researched and found to be This shows that there is Yaws Handbook of properties for aqueous systems.

Accessed [23 March ].

Netw202 w2 lab report perry

MacGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, Furthermore in the previous section the different uncertainty and error values were mentioned however, now their relation to the data will be analyzed.

This type of error and uncertainty analysis is very important, since the ultimate goal is to develop an accurate standardized procedure to determine aqueous solubility, and thus the associated errors should be small.

Table X I will include a table showing the rms uncertainty for all the different measurements shows the root mean square rms uncertainties associated with the molality, molarity and weight percent.

It would generally be predicted that all these uncertainties are relatively close to each other since they all used similar measurement uncertainties.

Since the rms uncertainty is so small for all the measurements it can be concluded that the measurement uncertainty associated with the data is rather small.

On the other hand the percent uncertainty between the measured and literature values was rather large. There was a This error shows that there may have been issues regarding the procedure that was used.

Netw202 w2 lab report perry

For example there was a large amount of uncertainty due to human error, since every measurement was taken in this manner.

In order to develop an accurate procedure to determine the aqueous solubility, this percent error should be minimized. Recommendations regarding this point will be stated later in this report.

While there are errors associated with the data as previously shown, there are still clear trends apparent from the data.

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From the results section it is clear that the solubility of sodium sulfite increased as the temperature increased. This trend can be explained through the theory described in the theory section. As the temperature increases the amount of energy required to break intermolecular attractions between the sodium sulfite increased, therefore more of sodium sulfite can dissolve at higher temperatures.

Cadwell, edited Jan Introduction There are many industrial processes where it is important to know the solubility of dissolved substances.

For chemical reactors, operating close to the temperature where concentrations of dissolved reactants are high helps ensure higher yields; but not if the solubility limit is breached. Another common problem is the build-up of insoluble deposits on the inside of pipes and tubing.

This leads to increased friction, which raises pumping costs, and leads to the deposition of more scale, analogous to clogged arteries. The tubing in steam boilers is particularly prone to such damage.

Without frequent inspection, rupture of these tubes can lead to catastrophic boiler failure. Thus solubility, as a function of temperature, is a commonly measured and tabulated physical property for any substance. Practical Lab Considerations Safety: You will be using breakable glassware and the general rule for our lab is that any time any chemicals, glassware, or equipment is in use, everyone in lab MUST be wearing safety goggles.

You may choose to wear gloves, but if you do be sure to use good glove habits. In general, a clean and orderly lab is a safe lab. You are responsible for insuring that your lab bench and other workspaces are left cleaner than you found them.

When using a digital balance, keep these guidelines in mind. A weigh boat, weigh paper or another container should always be used. Never pour liquids directly on the balance; rather, remove the liquid receptacle from the balance pan after either recording the empty receptacle mass or taring the balance to the empty receptacleadd liquid off of the balance, and then return the receptacle to the balance to mass it.

If you are sharing the balance and it is possible it will be re-tared before you need it again, it is better to record the empty receptacle mass than to tare in this case. Never press down upon the balance pan or attempt to mass any heavy objects — this could break the balance.

Finally, if you spill anything on the balance it should be gently cleaned off.CUSD Dominates Science and Engineering Fairs Check out how our impressive student scientists and engineers excel at regional, state and international fairs.

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