Malaysian attitudes towards counterfeits of luxury brands

Conclusions and Recommendations 1. Counterfeiting originated with the piracy of elite consumer products such as branded clothing and accessories but now has expanded to the music, video, pharmaceutical industry and even to food products such as Coffee Beans drinks. Innovation, Development Sustainability, and Economic Growth also reported that there has been an increase in the number of counterfeit cases investigated in Malaysia as compared to the previous year which resulted in a higher value of confiscated pirated goods. This research paper highlights the attitudes that effecting the purchase intentions of UniKL students on counterfeit goods, particularly on luxury products which have multiple regression and testing difference factors, such as brand image, social influence, price-quality inferences, integrity, novelty seeking, status consumption that influence to attitudes toward counterfeiting luxurious fashion product.

Malaysian attitudes towards counterfeits of luxury brands

The process of using entrepreneurial and business skills to create innovative approaches to social problems. Making profits by innovation in the face of risk with the involvement of a segment of society and where all or part of the benefits accrue to that same segment of society. Social entrepreneurship is exercised where some person or group….

Social entrepreneurship is the: Zahra et alA typology of social entrepreneurs: Motives, search processes and ethical challenges According to Abu-Saifan a social entrepreneur is identified by the extent to which he or she is a mission leader, visionary, highly accountable, socially alert, serve as a change agent, emotionally charged, an opinion leader, manager, and a social value creator.

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Social bricoleurs are distinctively identified with creating new things from nothing, their refusal to be limited by environmental constraints and skillfully improvising best ways out of constraint situations Domenico, Haugh and Tracy, These type of social enterpreneurs seek to exploit opportunities with an objective of creating social wealth.

Owen argued that social constructionists emphasize aspects of humanity in relation to their cultural and social welfare. Social Engineers are known for identifying and providing revolutionary solutions social problems which existing institutions cannot provide solutions to.

Though some authors have identified a faulty use of social engineering in society for example, Dimensional Research,others strongly affirm that social engineers improve radical means of creative and innovative thinking that enhance social values Hadnagy, In their respective aggregates, behavioural beliefs produce favorable or unfavorable attitudes towards the behaviour ,normative beliefs cause perceived social pressure or social norms, and control beliefs causes perceived behavioural control.

In combination ,attitude towards behaviours ,subjective norms ,and perceptions of behavioural control leads to the formation of behavioural intention.

Consequently, individual intention to perform the behaviour in question increase with how favorable the attitude and subjective norm are, as well as the intention of the individual to perform the behaviour in question.

Finally, given a sufficient degree of control over the behaviour, people are expected to fulfill their intentions when the opportunity to do arises. Their study was to research which variable plays the most important factor in the minds of most consumers.

Pricing being one of the most essential variable, most producers and creators of original products must come to understand this factor and strive to make original goods affordable.

This would be a crucial step in driving consumers away from pirated goods. According to Jupiter piracy research on action to stop counterfeiting, it was discovered that piracy impact virtually every product category.

The days when only luxury goods were counterfeited, or when unauthorized music CDs and movies DVDs were sold only street corners are long past, Today counterfeiters are producing fake foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics ,auto parts and every household products.

Also, copyright pirates have created multi-million networks to produce, transport and sell their unauthorized copies of music, video and software.

Millions of fake products are being produced and shipped around the world to developing and developed countries at an alarming rate. Millions of consumers are now at risk from unsafe and ineffective products, and governments, businesses 71 and society are robbed of hundreds of billions in tax revenues, business income and jobs.

Counterfeiting and piracy has become a global epidemic, leading to a significant drain on businesses and the global economy, jeopardizing investments in creativity and innovation, undermining recognized brands and creating consumer health and safety risks.

The drain on the global economy is significant and the longer term implication of the continuing growth in this illicit trade is enormous. Ramayah and Aafaqi, in their study explained that there are some specific influences on the purchase of fake copyrights like influences of normative susceptibility, integrity, gender and personal income attitude towards buying of pirated CDs.Consumer Behaviour of Luxury Automobiles: A Comparative Study between Thai and UK Customers' Perceptions, [24] James Reardon, C.M., The effects of ethnocentrism and economic development on the formation of brand and ad attitudes in transitional economies.

Consumer Attitudes toward Counterfeit Fashion Products: Does Gender Matter? Jason M. Carpenter, Assistant Professor to examine gender as a moderator of attitudes toward counterfeit fashion products among a sample of U.S.

consumers (N = ). Findings suggest that while gender does toward the lawfulness of counterfeit luxury brands and. In their respective aggregates, behavioural beliefs produce favorable or unfavorable attitudes towards the behaviour,normative beliefs cause perceived social pressure or social norms, and control beliefs causes perceived behavioural control.

Malaysian attitudes towards counterfeits of luxury brands

Devil Wears (Counterfeit) Prada: A Study of Antecedents and Outcomes of Attitudes Towards Counterfeits of Luxury Brands. Journal of .

and VCD, branded luxury clothes, watches, leather goods, drugs, and automobile Malaysian Perspective" in accordance with Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (Higher Degree) Act and Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (Higher Degree) Regulations Lawfulness Attitude towards Counterfeits Product Attribute Variables The study analyzes the influential factors of consumers’ willingness to purchase gray-market smartphones by considering the model of novelty seeking, status consumption, integrity, and perceived risk.

Attitude toward counterfeit is used as mediation in the model. The causalities in the model of.

Malaysian attitudes towards counterfeits of luxury brands
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