Essay on means of communications

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Essay on means of communications

The word communication has many ramifications. It is basically a process of interaction with the people and their environment. Such interactions take place through the exchange of information through words, gestures, signs, symbols, and expressions.

In organizations, communication is a continuous process of giving and receiving information and to build social relationships. Today, we talk about a shared vision in organizations. Therefore, communication is as old as our civilization. Even in pre-civilization days, non-verbal communication was in existence between man, nature, and animals.

In organizations, however, language-based or verbal communication is more important. An all-inclusive definition of communication is difficult to develop, obviously because of its all-encompassing nature. Hence, to the extent possible, we will restrict our efforts to define communication in the organizational context.

From the organizational point of view, therefore, communication has the features of interaction, interchange, sharing, and commonness. From the above definition, we can identify the following elements of communication: Communication is a two way process. It involves a sender and a receiver.

The sender or receiver can be an individual or a group. All communication carries a message. Message can be in the form of information, a directive, an enquiry, a feeling, an opinion, an idea, or in any other form.

Vidyasagar university distance education admission essays

Communication must be able to evoke a response from the receiver, which would be evident in the form of some behavioural changes. The method of communication can be verbal, that is, through words, or non-verbal, that is, through signs, gestures, expressions, etc.

All these five elements can also be called the process of communication, that is, sender, message, method, receiver, and response of receiver. Communication can be divided broadly into two categories.

Non-verbal communication Verbal communication is the use of words and languages for interaction between two or more individuals. It can be either oral or written. Hence, speaking, listening, reading, or writing are all classified under verbal communication.

Essay on means of communications

Since this type of communication elicits immediate feedback, in organizations, we make extensive use of verbal communication. Non-verbal communication can occur without use of words. In organizations, non-verbal communication is very important for interpersonal relations.

Based on organizational practices, communication can further be divided into internal and external, formal and informal, downward and upward, horizontal and diagonal, and grapevine.

What are Means of Communication?

Flow of information within the organization is known as internal communication, which may be either formal or informal in nature. External communication takes place between two organizations, that is, between the organizations and others outside the organizations.

Formal communication is official communication, while informal communication takes place between members within the formal organization. Communication that flows from superiors to subordinates is downward communication, whereas communication that flows from subordinates to superiors is upward communication.

Diagonal communication cuts across the hierarchical barriers. However, this is formal in nature. For example, direct communication from a field sales person to the vice president HR is diagonal in nature.

We may notice that they are not only functionally apart but also hierarchically different.Get Expert Essay Editing Help > Build Your Thesis Statement > Log in. Search Essay Examples. Browse by Category. Browse by Type Essay.

Browse Editors Communication Essay Examples. total results. The Origins of Prejudice and Its Effects. 1, words.

4 pages. An Overview of the Dialect of the People in. Communication is the sending and receiving of spoken or written messages between people and places. Letters are the most common means of communication. Other means are telegram, telephone, telex, fax, e-mail, radio, television, newspapers, etc.

A written communication means putting the message in writing and is generally in the form of instructions, letters, memos, formal reports, information about rules and regulations, policy manuals, information bulletins and so on.

Essays on communication should be able to depict any one or many means of communication. Essays on communication can be of many types like essay on communication skills, essay on interpersonal communication, essay on team communication and essay on public relations.

In this essay, I will analyze my lifestyle. In modern age, there are many types of means of communications like News Paper, Telephone, Mobile, TV, Internet etc. Interpersonal Communication Essay Communication is the first instrument that humans used in their process to socialize, interact with others and can be defined as the process of sending information about our though, opinions, feelings to another person.

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