Ceramic fixative lab

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Ceramic fixative lab

Dealing With Dust in Ceramics Indoor air pollution of all types is considered one most important health hazards of our time. The dramatic rise in the incidence of Asthma is said to be one evidence of this.

Ceramic arts, crafts, production and lab testing can generate a lot of dust if it is not managed properly. Ceramic educational programs are coming under increased scrutiny because of dust concerns.

Most of the following suggestions will greatly reduce your exposure to dust, taken together they should make your workplace safe. Red herrings and the real enemy The main enemy is smaller silicosis-causing quartz particles in the minus 1 micron range.

These are small enough to penetrate into and clog the Ceramic fixative lab pockets in your lungs. These particles stay airborn for days.

The type of clay you are using is not usually an issue, any typical ceramic clay makes silica dust when walked on. Glaze materials are sometimes called 'chemicals' but it is more correct to call most of them minerals.

Very few are soluble, most are simply ground rock. While some glaze ingredients are somewhat toxic in different ways, most are not hazardous from an ingestion point-of-view.

Wearing a dust mask only during dust generating activity in a closed area does not recognize the fact that the fine dust will stay in the air for the rest of the day or longer.

Getting an air filter while maintaining Ceramic fixative lab habits will only marginally improve air quality.

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Install or get Install a dust hood on the wall of a the table you will use for dust generating activities.

Use a simple sheet metal box with slots and a connected pipe or drier hose to an exhaust fan that expels dust outside exhaust fans are simply fans that install in-line in a heating pipe. The fan must be powerful enough so that you can see the dust moving away from you.

There must be a source of incoming clean air elsewhere in the studio or lab.


A good sink with hot and cold water draining to a floor or portable sump is a must so that water can be used effectively to clean up. Have a smooth easy-to-clean floor that can be hosed down to a floor drain or effectively mopped existing rooms can be modified by raising the floor a little to slope toward a drain.

Have lots of large sponges in good condition and water buckets around for cleaning work tables, counters, wheels, and small floor areas, etc.

Use two clean sponges the first sponge to get the mess and the second to remove the residue. Install tables with wheels and don't put anything under them. Wheel them out of the way to clean the floor.

Install a central-vac unit outdoors with inside pipes and hoses.

Ceramic fixative lab

Locate outlets conveniently and make hoses easy to get at and set up. Get plastic containers with lids for dry material storage you can get gallon plastic containers from restaurants.

Get a two-wheel hand-truck so you can move these easily when they are full. Install a HEPA "high efficiency particulate arresting" circulating air-filter. Try searching for "HEPA air filter" on a search engine to find sites like www. The orientation should be such that the direction of dust travel is away from working areas.

Create work areas dedicated to specific tasks: Deal with dust as appropriate in each area. If possible, use a separate building, not in the same building where you live and sleep. You can get ventilation tables i.

Work cleaner, be dust-smart. Keep scraps off the floor, pick up crumbs before they are walked on, sponge up spills right away, spread plastic film on the floor for easy clean-up after messy jobs.

Don't generate as much dust, catch it at the time of generation. For example, don't just dump dry clay into a glaze or clay mixer, put it in gently so less dust raises.

Ceramic fixative lab

Pick up all crumbs before they get walked on. Clean at the end of the day so dust generated during cleaning can settle out overnight. If you have to place your face in the dust, do not inhale until you are back in clean air. Handle unloading of dry materials and putting into lidded containers outdoors.Ceramic Fixative Lab Conclusion.

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Ceramic Fixative Lab | Essay Example

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