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Bradby lindsay com295 ethics credibility in

The intellectual property rights of the author or third parties in respect of this work are as defined by The Copyright Designs and Patents Act or as modified by any successor legislation.

Further distribution or reproduction in any format is prohibited without the permission of the copyright holder. The fallen woman's prominence in popular culture and the stage during a period of intense suffragism attests to woman's role as a touchstone of moral stability, contemporary plays viewing deviant women as threats to a man's world.

Wilde mocks society's confinement of women, fallen or not, into prescribed roles and undercuts customary morality but fears self-determining women's disruptive power. A Bradby lindsay com295 ethics credibility in of perceiving this ambivalence is the self-fashioning dandy, who repudiates social constraints and yet foils transgressive women's attempts at self-fashioning.

The surface mockery of conventional fears of female aspirations as threats to masculine orderliness conceals a greater fear of female autonomy as a threat to masculinity itself. This study locates the dramatic and moral urgency of Wilde's five major plays, Lady Windermere's Fan, A Woman of No Importance, An Ideal Husband, The Importance of Being Earnest and Salome in this conflicting response to the feminine, which also determines his choice of theme and form both in his comedies of manners and symbolic drama.

British Theatre of the Nineties and Wilde 5 Chapter 2. The Climate of Opinion 40 Chapters. Lady Winderme re's Fan: The Mother as Homewrecker 82 Chapter 4. A Woman of No Importance: The Devouring Mother Chapter 5. Woman as Predator Chapter 6.

The Importance of Being Earnest: Creatures of Caprice Chapter?. Woman Demonized Chapter 8. Following the orthography of this edition, the title is unaccented, while the name is accented.

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As these editions, like the early editions of all other plays cited, carry no line numbers, references are by page numbers in the editions used.

Bibliographic entries are given for longer essays or articles by contemporary writers, but not for play reviews or unsigned articles included in the footnotes.

His targets are not particular persons but the character types inhabiting the upper reaches of the world of late Victorian Britain and include all relationships, personal and social, the codes that govern them and the principles on which they were founded, especially those of gender identities and sexual conduct.

The re-appraising imagination that informs Wilde's plays shapes itself most constantly around the idea of the feminine, which includes the way both men and women think about women's nature and function.

Bradby lindsay com295 ethics credibility in

Wilde's mockery analyses the conventionality of the idea in all its ramifications and setting it adrift from the security of received wisdom, invites redefinition.

Wilde's work may thus be seen as fundamentally subversive, ranging from poking fun at minor follies to a sustained expose of hypocrisy of tragic proportions. Because of this penetrating search for meaning in the social world as well as in the interior landscape of the individual, Wilde's work, both dramatic and non-dramatic, have come to be viewed as standing apart from run-of-the-mill Victorian self-reflection.

Yet Wilde is far less of a maverick than he is often claimed to be. Looking closely at his themes, his plot-design and his stage technique, we find that he depended heavily upon the standards of the theatre for which he wrote.

The peculiar force of Wilde's drama arises not from his rejection of contemporary theatre, its techniques and its ethos but from his ability to exploit its resources to engender a contrary reading of the world, especially of women's place in it. It is not surprising that the growing critical awareness of the dynamic of this creative reversal should have encouraged a view of Wilde as a rebel against conventional morality.

But it remains to be seen whether his alternative stance warrants placing him so diametrically opposite late nineteenth century views of women as to discover in him a 8 proto-feminist.

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While confirming Wilde's rebel status, the present study probes further into the nuances of his concept of women. Taking note of the climate of ideas into which he was born and measuring his indebtedness to the theatre tradition of his time, this study examines Wilde's systematic undercutting of his contemporary ideology of the feminine.

In the process, however, it discovers a paradox on a deeper level of idea formation in Wilde's representation of women: Regressing through the gender identities and relations that Wilde dramatizes, we discover a constant tension between the assertion of women's autonomy and fear of women's ascendancy over men.

Bradby lindsay com295 ethics credibility in

We may therefore locate the dramatic and moral urgency of Wilde's plays in a deep-rooted conflict in his response to the idea of women which determines his choice as much of the themes as the forms of his plays, extending from the society comedy of manners to symbolic drama.

This study begins with two related surveys, chapters 1 and 2, the first taking note of the state of the British stage in the s and of major critical approaches to Wilde.

Chapter 2 summarizes contemporary ideas about women, family and social organization, gender relations and sexual morality, set off against the burgeoning rebellion of a new generation of women against these ideas.

The discussion of the individual plays and critical responses to them begins in chapter 3 with Lady Windermere's Fan, which argues that in this play Wilde redesigns the formula of the fallen woman not only by making her a mother but an unrepentant one.

While this reversal of a formula compels the viewer to rethink conventional certitudes such as motherhood and womanly virtue, it still places at the root of potential social disorder women's attempts, idealistic as well as selfish, to assume authority over male domains.

The next chapter, on A Woman of No Importance, shows how the fallen mother reappears in yet another unusual incarnation, creating the double paradox that the fallen woman is the most virtuous and the best mother the most harmful.t h e c a m b r i d g e c o m pa n i o n to dav i d h a r e David Hare is one of the most important playwrights to have emerged in the UK in the last forty years.

Pushkin. with whom he had just performed in Intrigue and Love.

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