An introduction to the analysis of the movie top gun

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An introduction to the analysis of the movie top gun

December 18, Categories of Sound According to Goodykoontzthere three categories of sound: Dialogue is pretty self-explanatory in that it is a real-life verbal exchange between the characters in the movie.

The second category of sound effects is an area that is used to emphasize what is happening in the film. It might be sounds of tires squealing or horns honking, explosions, or just background noises such as birds chirping or leaves rustling in the wind.

Lastly is the category of music.

An introduction to the analysis of the movie top gun

This is typically non-diegetic to the movie, which means that it is not part of the movie or the scenes but something that is an overlay to the movie to enhance its impact on the audience; although it is possible to have music that is diegetic or part of the movie that the characters can hear or participate in Goodykoontz, Music is added to movies to enhance the meaning of the movie scenes and to generate the desired emotions from the audience for what is happening in the movie.

Impact of Sound In the movie Top Gun, sound is a key factor as far as the success of the movie. First of all, the movie track has proven to be extremely successfully and ultimately became a hit music DVD.

This opening clip of the movie sets the stage for how impactful the music score of a movie can be to the overall success of a movie: The third area of sound, which is dialogue, is of course a standard requirement of any movie of this time.

The dialogue in this movie was someone trite and expected and is not likely to ever win an Academy Award, but it was a necessary part of the overall success of this movie. Sound and Mood The sounds and mood of this movie are highly aligned.

Different scenes have different soundtracks as well as sound effects to enhance the scenes. There is the scene where the Top Gun pilots are playing volleyball in the sun.

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Most of them are without their shirts and displaying their physical prowess while having fun. The following clip highlights how the music enhances the overall scene: There is no mistaking that the following clip highlights the romantic attachment that is starting to take place between the two central characters.

This song went on to become one of the top hits as a result of this movie: Effects of Sound This movie was full of sound effects that were highly impactful to its overall success.

Some of the most attention-capturing scenes in the movie took place in the flying scenes with the jets, either in the Top Gun training or in a couple of the real-life situations that took place.

The sound effects were amazing and the dialogue with the pilots was meaningful in helping to understand the situation. This movie was extremely fast-paced and some of the scenes confusing without clarification from the pilots in the scenes.

The following clip gives is an excellent example of the sound effects in the movie, although the cinematography was equally important: Impact if Sounds Were Different Given the technology at the time this movie was made, it is hard to believe that this movie could have ever been made without this technolgy.

The sound effects and the cinematography, as well as the music soundtrack, are a huge part of the success of this movie. Of course the appeal of the actors in this movie was also part of this, but overall, it was the combination of all of these factors together that made this film so successful.

The storyline of the movie and the corresponding dialogue were not anything out of the ordinary, they were just necessary for the overall film to be made.

At any rate, this film had tremendous popular appeal and was extremely well done from a cinematography and sound perspective. If either the sounds effects or the music track were removed from this movie or were not done as well as they were, it is unlikely that this film could have been as successful as it was.

References American Film Institute. From watching to seeing 2nd ed.Dec 19,  · Sound Effects in Top Gun Mary West ENG Introduction to Film David Preizler December 18, Categories of Sound According to Goodykoontz (), there three categories of sound: dialogue, sound effects, and music.

Dialogue is pretty self-explanatory in that it is a real-life verbal exchange between the characters in the movie. Nov 23,  · How to Analyze a Movie.

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In this Article: Article Summary Watching the Movie Breaking Down the Movie Putting the Analysis Together Community Q&A Movies are a wonderful medium for both entertainment and art, and examining them closely only enhances their magic%(69). Top Gun, with it's crazy flying stunts, macho dialogue, and awesome aviators was a starmaker from the get-go.

And it wasn't just Cruise who had a veritable coming . Jun 26,  · Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums & more.

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Sound Effects in the Movie Top Gun | Film Analysis