An analysis of the movie romeo and juliet directed by baz luhrman and based on the play by william s

The film is visually sumptuous, with opulent production design and costumes, and features an equally sumptuous and opulent score by Polish composer Abel Korzeniowski. In these circumstances, scores often go one of two ways: As he did with his previous work on films like W.

An analysis of the movie romeo and juliet directed by baz luhrman and based on the play by william s

Were can you get a kids version of Romeo and Juliet? You can't get a version of a Romeo and Juliet kids version because maybe there is none!

But my opinion is to make your own kids version by watching an adult one and just chang…ing it, OKAY? In any case, it depends on what part of Romeo and Juliet you think is not "kid-friendly".

Is it the dirty jokes? Even adults often don't get them unless they are pointed out--you need the mind of a twelve-year-old to see them. Just get a version of the play that isn't Zeffirelli or Baz Luhrman. Oh, come on, that's kids' favourite part of the play.

That's part of the story; it wouldn't be Romeo and Juliet without it. It can't be that you are worried that kids won't understand Shakespeare's language.

Kids are language sponges--the earlier you expose them to his style of language, the more likely that they will learn to understand it. If you expose six-year-olds to Shakespeare's play they won't understand everything about it, but they will become accustomed to his style and enjoy the swordfights they may not be as happy about the kissy scenes and have a basis to go back to Shakespeare when they are older.

If they have questions about it you can answer on their terms.

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The two versions of the play Romeo and Juliet are the one called the First Quarto, datedand the one called the Second Quarto, datedwhich forms the basis of all l…ater editions of the play. How is the First Quarto different?

An analysis of the movie romeo and juliet directed by baz luhrman and based on the play by william s

It is much shorter and some of the lines are different. Here, for example, is the Prologue: Two household friends alike in dignity In fair Verona, where we lay our scene From civil broils broke into enmity Whose civil war makes civil hands unclean, From forth the fatal loins of these two foes, A pair of star-crossed lovers took their life: Whose misadventures, piteous overthrows, Through the continuing of their Fathers' strife, And death-marked passage of their Parents' rage Is now the two hours traffic of our Stage.

The which if you with patient ears attend, What here we want we'll study to amend. It's very similar but not quite the same. The reason why there are two versions of the play, scholars believe, is that the First Quarto was a pirate copy, written out by an actor or stagehand with a good memory.

It is sometimes called a "bad" quarto, not because pirating plays is wrong, but because it is thought defective when compared to the more full version that came out two years later and which is believed to be based on Shakespeare's notes.


On the other hand the first quarto, being apparently derived from an actual performance, may be a closer text to what was actually performed.

Its shortness makes it closer to the "two hours' traffic" promised by the prologue. If you are thinking, not of two versions of the script, but of two versions of performance, then your question is nonsense.

This is one of the most popular plays in the world and has been on the stage continuously for more than years--hundreds of thousands of productions, no two of them alike, each with different methods of acting, costumes, props, sets, timing and the like.

Even if you are thinking of recorded performances, either films made from a screenplay adapted from the script or filmed performances of the play, there are still dozens of such films. I can think of nine which are not too difficult to find on DVD.Buy Romeo + Juliet: Read Movies & TV Reviews - From The Community.

Amazon Baz Luhrmann Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, "Shakespeare and Forgiveness," Professor William H. Matchett makes sense of the play's incongruities, as we shall see in a moment.

The movie was directed by Baz Luhrmann, an Australian with a background in opera, whose two previous films were also experiments in exuberant excess. " Strictly Ballroom " made a ballroom competition into a flamboyant theatrical exercise, and his "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet" updated the play into a contempo teenage rumble.

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespere, read as part of English 9. Full Text. One such movie adaptation is William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet () directed by Baz Luhrmann. However, the movie makes many changes from the original play. First of all, it is a movie. This allows the director to change camera angles and have lavish sets.

Significant Features of Baz Luhrmann’s Style of The Opening Scene of Romeo and Juliet Analysis of the opening sequence of ‘ William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet’ directed by Baz Luhrmann Compare and Contrast the Opening Scenes of Franko Zeffirelli and Baz Lurhman film Versions of Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet.

An analysis of the movie romeo and juliet directed by baz luhrman and based on the play by william s

Sep 26,  · Baz Luhrmann 's gleefully cinematic version of the play is so relentlessly inventive and innovative, it takes 20 minutes to get a grasp on how appropriate is his approach to the material/5(4).

The original song/ video which Baz Luhrmann created BASED ON MARY SCHMICH' s essay in the Chicago Tribune op- ed page is available in. Australia baz luhrmann analysis essay, mfa creative writing. Hydrazides synthesis essay, get help writing cover letter, creative writing australia.