A silent curse essay

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A silent curse essay

Scripture provides us with examples of how one injustice leads to A silent curse essay and everyone involved suffers disgrace and destruction. She was now disgraced, no longer a virgin and no man would want to marry her. When her brother Absalom found out about it, he remained silent at the time and took her in to live with him.

When David heard what happened he was furious, but never took any punitive action. In his love for his son, he did not do the right thing- have his son arrested and punished for rape and incest with his sister.

Tamar experienced humiliation, disgrace and injustice at the hands of King David who knew the law and chose to ignore it. Two years later Absalom made arrangements to have Ammon killed by some of his servants while attending a party at his house. Now David had lost both of his sons and was sorely grieved.

His servant Joab knew how David longed to be with his son again and devised a plan for his safe return. Joab was probably more motivated by political reasons than thoughts of restoration of the family and resorted to trickery and deception to get what he wanted.

Joab summoned a wise woman from Tekoa to tell David a story about another case of injustice which would soften his heart toward his banished son. God does not take away life without reason, but if a man commits murder he forfeits his right to life.

Then the gift of discernment is given by the Spirit of God to man to make wise decisions, not to angels. Absalom was not arrested, nor did he face the punishment for his crime. Once again King David made a terrible mistake in judgment and allowed a crime to go unpunished, because it was a member of his own family.

The proper course of action would have been for him to excuse himself as judge and provide for a trial by other authorized persons in his kingdom. Then he could have trusted God to provide a fair and impartial hearing for his son.

He allowed his heart and family relations to get in the way of conducting righteous leadership. Absalom returned to Jerusalem and two years later demanded to see his father David. He believed his father would not put him to death. King David forgave his son and gave him reconciliation with the royal family totally ignoring the need for repentance and justice.

David was not authorized to pardon his son because of his conflict of interest. A court of impartial judges should have dealt with the matter. These mistakes in godly leadership eventually led to the fulfillment of the curse Nathan pronounced on him years earlier for his sin with Bathsheba.

There was not a man in Israel so highly praised for his handsome appearance.

A silent curse essay

There was not a blemish on him and he had a beautiful, thick head of hair. However, his heart was full of deceit and conspiracy.A Silent Curse. Dinner is prepared. The children have finished their homework and the house is debris free.

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