A critical review of the die hard trilogy

Holly left to pursue her career with their two children, and uses her maiden name.

A critical review of the die hard trilogy

Hundreds Of New Scans Added! Anyone who says physical media is dead is full of crap. Not everyone likes to watch movies streaming.

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Please feel free to use any scans or images you want I'm a firm believer that no one owns images unless they created thembut please ask my permission to use my words. It hurts all our hard work. Rest well my friend.

We never understand life and it is even harder to understand death. I kept my promise to you Hinnie. Everyone involved was punished. People, both on the Internet and in real life, keep asking me why I dislike President Donald Trump so much. The answer is rather simple, yet also complicated at the same time.

Trump does not treat the office he holds with the respect it deserves. I understand we now live in the Internet Age, but there is no reason for our President to use Internet programs like Twitter as his own bullying machine. Some of the things he tweeted are bad and others are downright hurtful If you or I wrote the same things he did, Twitter would close our accounts.

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He hates when people make fun of him It's a long tradition that people make fun of the current President, whether good or bad, which is why he avoided any exchange of some playful jokes at his expense, like skipping The Correspondents Dinner and holding his own love-fest in Philadelphia at the same time, where the ghosts of our forefathers were shaking their heads in disapprovalbut he has no trouble making fun of anyone who says something true about Trump's actions and he makes it personal.

And yet his Tweets sound like a child wrote them: I believe that the President should have a full examination, both physical and psychological because he doesn't use big words any more like he use to when he was a businessman His most recent physical and psychological examination was a big joke.

And he would rather trust Putin than our own Intelligence Agencies. Could it be the onset of Alzheimer's Disease? Or something else which affects his brain "It's not a tooomer!!!

I also believe he is a sociopath and an egoist His name is on nearly every business he runs, yet, as President, he shouldn't be running any businesses.

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Some of the things he writes don't sound like they came from a world-famous businessman. They sound like they come from a child.

A critical review of the die hard trilogy

And there's the rub. I don't believe Trump ever expected to win the election, so he was not prepared for what was to come next.

But he made it clear that every bill that President Obama passed was going to be overturned, illegal aliens were going to be kept out of the United States and a travel ban against Muslims from six countries will be put into effect not to mention that he thinks there is voter fraud because he did not win the Popular Vote.

His hatred of Blacks, Mexicans and Muslims prove to me that he is a racist And not winning the Popular Vote proves that he is an egoist; someone who hates to lose at anything. A President should not be that, yet he has no problem about talking about building a giant Wall between Mexico and the United States at Mexico's expense good luck with thatfinally getting his travel ban re-instated the only campaign promise he has kept, but it makes us all look like bigots by judges that have no right to be judges, and offered a Republican Health Care Bill which will kill millions of people if passed Not to mention changing voting rules in all States.

So far, 44 States have refused to follow it. He has kept one of his campaign promises one that makes what it says on the Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island seem like a jokeyet he has punished the poor and low-income people like dismantling Meals on Wheels and cutting Medicaid and Social Security Disability benefits like he wishes they didn't exist.

Yet a lot of the bills he signed by Executive Order the most by any other President in his first days make the rich richer and the poor poorer like giving Wall Street more power.

And who can forget the Freudian slip he once made when he called the United States a "business" before quickly correcting himself? He also promised a transparent Presidency, but it has been the most closely-guarded secret in the history of Presidents.

I cannot accept that we are numbers on a spreadsheet.

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We are people, damn it. We deserve better treatment. Because we are worth it.Die Hard 2 is a American action thriller film and the second installment in the Die Hard film rutadeltambor.com film was released on July 4, in the United States.

The film was directed by Renny Harlin, written by Steven E. deSouza and Doug Richardson and stars Bruce Willis as John rutadeltambor.com film co-stars Bonnie Bedelia, William Sadler, Art Evans, William Atherton, Franco Nero, Dennis.

Welcome to the Critical Condition web site. For those of you unfamiliar with Critical Condition, let me give a little background. Critical Condition (CritCon for short) was started as a small bi-monthly newsletter in to alert my friends about the new horror films that were released to theaters.

Sep 17,  · As of now, the three films in the 'Die Hard Trilogy' will not be made available separately, nor will there be a four-pack that includes 'Live Free or Die Hard.' Source: HDD Thanks x 1. The “Die Hard Trilogy” by Probe Entertainment represents a quirky attempt to briefly capture a bit of the magic from the first three films of the same.

Good review. Feel like they were in a hard place with the control scheme, they couldn’t exactly have 3 separate tutorials for similar games on one disc, and they probably didn’t want to edit the jumps in 1 and 2 to suit it due to fans and their tendency to get mad.

Aug 30,  · Die Hard Trilogy also is a Greatest Hits title for Playstation, which not many Playstation games become unless they're that good. The background voices and gore and voilence give it the Die Hard feeling for a fan of the series of newcomer/10().

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